The Master Mind

Accountability. Strategy.
Contribution. Success.


The Master Mind

Are you a Coach, an Author, a Healer, or a Heart Based Business Owner that feels alone and frustrated with the current state of your business?

Are you looking to break through your glass ceiling and take your business to the next level so you can enjoy more freedom and abundance?

Are you yearning to share your gifts and talents with the world but feel stuck in how to do that successfully?

Then this three month strategy course The Master Mind: How To Take Your Message To The Masses and Up Level Your Business is for you!

In the course, Jennifer will share her powerful marketing “know how” and creative business expertise that has allowed her to create a thriving enterprise all while having the freedom to either work from the comfort of her own home, or while traveling the world!

Plus each session we will “round table” each other’s businesses, using an effecting Master Mind technique to help you refine your business model and help you take it to the next level more effectively.

Join in with like-minded others and get the guidance, support, business knowledge, and accountability you have been searching for.

The group will meet bi-monthly, is limited, and an interview is required to make sure your type of business is the right fit.

The 3 Month Modules:


Month 1 Creating Your Sales Funnel: You can’t meet someone and then expect them to marry you the same day…it’s a process!  Getting your clients and customers comfortable with you requires strategy.  Learn in this module how to build trust and create products and services that move your clients up the ladder to your highest priced products with effortless ease.

Month 1 Social Media Stream-lining: Now that you have your funnel…the world needs to know about it! Learn all of the tricks of the trade to increase your following without having to post every day!  Plus be held accountable each week for posting in a smart, time efficient manner, at an ideal time, so you can increase your followers, sell your services, and build your brand.

Month 2 Writing to Get Your Message to The Masses: Discover the world of blogging, newsletters, and article writing. Learn how to get your written material on platforms that host millions, so your voice can be heard! Be held accountable each week to produce powerful prose to engage your audience. Learn all about the world of editing…you do NOT need to be a great writer!

Month 2 Mastering Video: Whether you are comfortable or NOT in front of the camera, Jennifer will share with you how to make compelling videos with your own phone and computer…even if you do not want to be physically in them.  The truth is, people are much more likely to watch video than read text.

Month 3 Succeeding in Sales: Sales… is not a 4-letter word! In this module, you will understand how to shift your mindset around sales to become a master at enrollment and increase revenue, in order to increase revenue in your business. Be held accountable to boosting sales with a measurable results action plan so that you are clear in what you are committed to creating.

Month 3 Building Your Own Retreat: Discover how Jennifer has traveled the world for FREE and made money over the last 7 years by running “give back” intentional travel retreats. Learn what to do, and more importantly what NOT to do, in order to have this be a success.  Learn how to create compelling content to deliver at the retreat, organize the right amount of excursions, what the best retreat centers to book at are, how to price, sales, and marketing. Get to see the world!

Online Class:

Mondays Feb 12th – April 23rd 
1-2:30pm  OR 7:30-9pm
Meets every other week
*Interview required to be considered for this course



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