Chapter 1 Becoming The Audience… of Your Mind.

Chapter. One…Drop the Rope

To become an Olympic gold medalist in Dropping The Rope you get to first understand that the mind is the only thing that is causing you to suffer.  Life is simply happening and unfolding in front of you, as it has done 13 million years before you were born and probably billions of years after you are long gone. Life is just living. What we make up about what is happening in front of us, is all occurring in the mind. Two people could be standing in front of the same exact event, say a bullfight for example, and one person would think it was the most exciting and thrilling sport they had ever witnessed and the other would be full of fear and hatred for the bullfighter that was taunting the poor bull.

It is our upbringing, or beliefs, or conditioning that filters all of our experiences. This all happens through the mind.

There is life simply being life, there is the personal mind, and then there is something else.  I call it The Audience. The one that can pull back, like a camera does on a person standing on this earth. When the lens pulls back far enough the audience can see that this person is simply a teeny tiny dot on the planet and that the planet is also just a teeny tiny dot in the Milky Way, and the Milky Way is just a teeny tiny dot in the universe. The audience can see it all, from a pulled back, larger than life detached perspective.

This audience is our consciousness.

The part of us that has always lived, and will never die. The infiniteness of our soul. This watcher is always neutral, can see things objectively, is all knowing, at peace, and with joy 100% of the time.

It is where all of your power lies.

People who have had experiences with becoming “enlightened” speak about this awareness. When a spiritual awakening occurs, they are no longer their personal mind; they are only sitting in the seat of awareness.  They have become the ultimate audience. They see everything through the eyes of pure love; there is no judgment, no fear. They are in bliss.

How nice for them.

The rest of us, non-enlightened, regular folk, get to work this muscle out every day. The muscle of letting go of the personal mind, and slipping back into the seat of awareness.  So that we too can experience peace, joy, and contentment.

I want to share an analogy with you that will help this concept become clear. Think of when you are in a movie theater before the movie has started.  You are there in the audience, you are aware of the coldness and the darkness of the theater, you can smell the popcorn in your lap, and you can sense the person next to you.  Then the movie starts, and within a few moments, you are entirely sucked into the experience. If it is a sad movie you cry, a funny one you laugh, a scary one, you actually feel fear and your heart begins to beat very very fast. AND… you have completely forgotten that you are in a movie theater.  You not even feel the hard seat or the coldness; you no longer smell the popcorn or notice the person sitting next to you. You are no longer aware that you are simply a person sitting in an audience.

Then the movie ends and the lights come up.

You look around and get your bearings back, yes, here I am you say, this was not real, and it was just a movie. Your heart slows down, or the tears are whipped away.  Yet the emotion still lingers until you are about half way home.

This is exactly like life.  We get so sucked into the daily dramas that play out in our day to day as well as the made up scenarios that we create in our imaginations, as we lie awake in our beds.  All the while forgetting that we are at the core, these infinite souls of pure consciousness that are watching it all.

So how do we stop the movie? How do we stop getting so sucked in?

First is to simply know that this part of us even exists!

Now that you know…you are 50% ahead of the rest of the world that is still unaware of this power.

Next, you get to practice.

Going from the ego personal mind that is sucked in, upset, reacting to this thing called life, to slipping into the seat of calm awareness.

The way you can measure your progress is your bounce back time.

In the past, if someone insulted me, fired me, broke up with me, lied to me…my enraged Brooklyn girl reaction could make any lion cower, and then my ability to hold onto a grudge could last for months, even years. The anger would bubble and boil in the pot that I would stir, cursing and spitting, as I stewed.

Not anymore.

I’ve come a long way baby, as they liked to say in the 70’s.

Now I either stay calmly unmoved, or my reaction bubbles up but is simmered down within 30 seconds.


I’ll tell you.

I drop the rope.

And I pick up something else.

Gratitude, understanding, a new perspective, love, curiosity, compassion, accountability, courage, confidence, humor, stillness, grace.

That is my bag of tools that I fish in… in order to drop the proverbial rope.


Because I’d rather be happy than right.

I’d rather be at peace than frustrated.

I’d rather be creative than full of fear.

Everything is energy, and I am personally much more interested in giving my life force towards making a contribution to this world, to sharing my gifts and talents and creativity, to enjoying the precious moments that natures brings me every single day.

Don’t you agree?

If you do…then let’s continue.

To be continued…..

  • 7 Aug, 2017
  • Jennifer Grace

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