The Art of Making Shift Happen By Jennifer Grace

Yes, there is an art for making shift happen. It takes something to get that idea into the world that has been swirling around in your head for months, years, or perhaps even decades.

So many times we sit on the sidelines of life, watching others catapult their dreams into reality, while we procrastinate by putting off our dreams until tomorrow, yet sometimes tomorrow never comes.

So what to do?

Step #1 Ask Yourself: Do you want it or not?  

I ask myself every morning over coffee is “Jen, do you want it or not?” This stirs a fire inside of me that propels me into action whether that is to write 1000 words in my 2nd book, go hit the gym or work on my business. It is a question that ignites willpower and drive…because I have to answer it.

If your answer is yes, I want it, Jen, then keep reading,

If the answer is no, then perhaps it’s someone else’s dream that has been placed upon you. Might be time to get clear on what you really want, and then come back to read this article.

For those who said yes, congrats, you are well on your way.

Step #2: Make a Declaration.

A powerful statement, such as: “I am committed to becoming a published author”, or “I am committed to launching this new business”.

Make sure to say it out loud and proud… like you mean it.

Step #3 Make a Plan.

Chunk your big goal down into small bite-sized action steps. Try to take on one to three action steps a week until you reach your goal. Set yourself up for success.

Step #4 Be Held Accountable.

When you keep your dreams to yourself, no one is looking if you accomplish them or not.  You need to let the people who love and support know what you are up to.  It’s amazing what we follow through on when we have others as our witness.

Step #5 Work With Your Fear.  

So many times we try to overcome our fear, we try to wait until the fear subsides before we go after what our heart’s true desire is. Truth is…that day my never come.  It’s more about cultivating fearlessness, which is not the absence of fear, but the presence of bravery.  Feel the fear and do it anyway.

So.  You do want it… right?

Then…stop thinking about it.

It’s time to make some shift happen.

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  • 9 Oct, 2017
  • Jennifer Grace

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