Brooklyn born and raised… I get my smarts from the streets and the confidence to go after my dreams from the city that never sleeps. Back in the day, John Travolta is my biggest influence… he teaches me how to strut.

At 18 I trade in my Brooklyn girl hairspray for sunglasses and head out west to the University of Arizona. There, I make memories I will probably never tell my son about, friendships that I still have today, and receive a BA degree in Communications and Drama. Oh yeah…I also receive a Masters Degree in fun.

After college I give up my dream of becoming a Hollywood actress, trade in the one-way ticket to California I had bought, and play it “safe” by going back home to NYC. Fear and “being practical” win out.

At 21 I find myself on Wall Street. I learn how to manage millions, deal with stress, and discover the art of not taking anything personally. There are ten women to the 400 men that I work with…you get the picture.

Eight Years later I walk away from the hustle and grind, trade in my high heels and panty hose for short shorts and flip flops and move to Sunny South Florida with my new Husband. Seriously…NYC was really cold.

The Oprah Book Club arrives on the scene, I read, The Seat of The Soul…followed by The Celestine Prophecy, followed by Power of Intention. One eye opens up.

I go back to my dream. Acting. The second audition in Miami I go on, I am cast by Saturday Night Live Director Loren Michaels for a Target National Sag Commercial. This is unheard of. I jump up and down when my agent calls to tell me the news. I think I even scream.

For the next six years I work as a commercial SAG actress, start my own film company Awaken Films, and receive an award from HBO for best short film in a contest they run.

I have a son. He becomes the light of my life.

At age 34 I begin practicing yoga. My intuition kicks in. Something is not right.

One year later my marriage ends and I walk away from my work as an actress and filmmaker.

For three years I am lost. I start six companies, make six logos, and six websites.

Trying to find my life’s purpose becomes my purpose and failure becomes my middle name.

Just before a full on nervous break down sets in, my mother advises me to take an eight week transformational journey based on a Stanford University Masters degree class. It’s called The Creative Insight Journey. It changes the course of my life.

Within one year I become certified to teach it, within five years I graduate over 1000 students in it. I get promoted as the new Train the Trainer and begin certifying others all over the world to teach this powerful course.

Jen and Pam santoriniI start a retreat company, OmLuxe, with award winning photographer and yoga teacher Pamela Jones. We take our students to places like Bali, Sedona, Tuscany, Santorini, Cambodia, and Machu Picchu. We begin to donate all monies raised to different charities like

Life is good.

I get my book Directing Your Destiny published by Hay House, they also give me my own Radio Show.

Life gets even better.

I help hundreds of people launch their dreams with my Executive Dream Building program with the help of my media dream team.

I help thousands of students get out of their own way with the practical tools from Creative Insight Journey.

Now….here I am. And I would be honored if I could share these tools that helped me create my dream life with you!


Jennifer Grace Formal Biography

jg_kitchenJennifer Grace is an acclaimed author whose book, Directing Your Destiny, was published by Hay House in June, 2013, and was voted Best Life Coach 2015 in the New Times. She is also a contributor for MindBodyGreen and The Huffington Post. Jennifer spent eight years on Wall Street in investment banking, then crossed over into the creative world and became a SAG actress, filmmaker, and screenwriter. In the last seven years she has taken her business knowledge and creative expertise and blended them to become a highly effective transformational coach. Based on the famed Stanford Course, ‘Creativity in Business,’ the curriculum she teaches helps students “get unstuck” in their lives and empowers them with practical tools and techniques to make significant shifts in their lives. Jennifer is also the new train the trainer for the Stanford based course, The Creative Insight Journey, and is training others globally to teach this proven methodology. She currently leads workshops and courses in Miami at The Standard Hotel where she is the resident coach, and well as online. He retreat company Omluxe takes individuals to divine destinations while also donating 100% of the proceeds to different causes in the region they are visiting.

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